New and established clients continue to enlist Gallery Henoch artists to carry out special painting projects. Here we highlight recent commissions and share the process for inquiring into and carrying them out. Commissions are not limited to the artists shown below, but are available from all gallery artists.

In general, there are two domains for commissions: portrait commissions and commissions in the style of the artist.

For a portrait commission, the artist will typically work from a live sitting as well as high resolution photographs. When circumstances preclude a sitting, many artists can work solely from photo references.

Commissions in the style of the artist enable a client to customize a work for a specific space or based on a specific subject. The conversation begins with the clientís thoughts. The gallery and the artist then collaborate on a proposal based on past images as well as new ideas. Previous works serve as a basis for subject, scale, color, and style. The proposal may include photographs, sketches, photoshop renderings, and/or color samples.

By facilitating a dialogue between the client and the artist, the gallery offers the opportunity for the artist to create a work that is true to their vision and style.

Contract and Payment:
After the initial correspondence, a contract is drafted and signed by the artist, the gallery and the client. The gallery acts as agent for the commission and guarantees the artwork. The contract stipulates the details of size, style, cost, and timeline. A deposit is requested at the time of the contract signing. The balance is due upon completion of the artwork and before shipping. The client will have the opportunity to review a final photograph of the artwork before it leaves the artistís studio.

Depending on the artistís practice and the complexity of the project, the commission process will usually take from 2 to 9 months.

Recent Examples:


Steve Mills, 24" x 30"

Susan Goldsmith, 70" x 150"

Eric Wert, 70" x 60"

Eric Zener, 162" x 120"

Sharon Sprung, 20" x 20"

Sharon Sprung, 20" x 20"

Todd Kenyon, 48" x 84"

Robert Jackson, 36" x 40"

Steve Mills, 48" x 72"

Eric Zener, 53" x 107"

Gary Ruddell, 60" x 144"

Eric Wert, 20" x 55"

Robert Jackson, 60" x 30"

Eric Zener, 90" x 70"

Todd Kenyon, 48" x 84"
Robert Jackson, 10" x 12" and 12" x 10"

John Evans, 96" x 134"

Alexandra Pacula, 108" x 168"

Steve Mills, 32" x 64"

Eric Zener, 60" x 120"

Sharon Sprung, 24" x 20"

Eric Wert, 24" x 24"

Todd Kenyon, 48" x 72"

Steve Mills, 40" x 60"

Eric Zener, Diptych, 165" x 48" each

John Evans, 72" x 60"

Robert Jackson, 24" x 57"

Kevin Palme, 38" x 90"

Steve Smulka, 36" x 60"

Eric Zener, 40" x 60"

Susan Goldsmith, 40" x 70"

Janet Rickus, 20" x 42"

Elizabeth McGhee, 16" x 20"

Gary Ruddell, 60" x 60"